Tax Savings for Single People-Kiplinger

Single taxpayers should plan these moves throughout the year to reduce taxable income and increase tax deductions. Here are the areas where you should .

common tax deductions for singles

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Five Most Common Tax Deductions - DailyFinance

Jan 1, 2011 . It's rare that the decision to itemize or take the standard deduction hinges on some of the smaller deductions that you can claim on your federal .

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2012 Tax Deductions - Tax Deductible Expenses for Families - eFile

2012 Tax Deductions list for Singles, Employees, Family and Home Owners. . please learn more about the common tax deduction and tax credit options listed .

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Allowable Tax Deductions And Common Tax Deductions | Single ...

Five allowable tax deductions and common tax deductions to help you minimize your taxes legally.

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Personal Income Tax Credits and Deductions - FileLater

Some of the most common tax credits include: a credit for child and dependent care . If your AGI exceeds $83,400 (for single and married filing separately) or .

Common Tax Deductions That People Forget - Savvy Sugar

Feb 11, 2013 . Every year, the IRS dutifully reports the most common blunders that taxpayers . This isn't really a tax deduction, but it is an important subtraction that can . Flying Solo: Summer Travel Tips for Singles: Flying Solo: Summer .

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Every Item Counts: Top 10 Tax Deductions -

Jan 26, 2007 . Don't overlook any of these personal tax deductions--they make . can't take this deduction if you make more than $65,000 as a single person .

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Childless, single renters can claim some tax deductions - USA Today

Feb 28, 2005 . In recent years, Congress has approved dozens of tax breaks for homeowners, parents, married couples and small-business owners who like .

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How to Get the Most From Your Tax Return - US News & World Report

Mar 30, 2012 . Avoid These 10 Common Tax Mistakes · The 5 Most Common Tax Questions, Answered · How to Avoid a High Tax Bracket in Retirement . A tax deduction, on the other hand, is based on one's income. . Single: $5,800.

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The Most-Overlooked Tax Deductions-Kiplinger

Mar 13, 2013 . Every year, the IRS dutifully reports the most common blunders that taxpayers . you from taking advantage of these money-saving tax breaks.

List of 14 Commonly Overlooked Personal Tax Deductions For ...

See this list of 14 overlooked tax deductions for ideas on what you may be leaving . But you can avoid this by being aware of common and commonly overlooked . and $57,500 if you file as single, head of household, or married filing jointly, .

10 big deductions too many of us miss - tax preparation - MSN Money

A lot of taxpayers don't know they can save thousands of dollars with these tax breaks. Did you forget about any of these deductions and credits?

The 5 Biggest Tax Credits You Might Qualify For - TurboTax® Tax ...

A number of federal tax credits, however, exist to help taxpayers -- primarily those in . the maximum income for the Savers Tax Credit is $28,750 for single filers, .

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Tax deductions you might overlook -

Mar 18, 2011 . The most common tax breaks, such as the deduction for mortgage . For 2010, the standard deduction is $5,700 for singles and $11,400 for .

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