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Website design services . To reduce your tax liability, you either need to make less money or deduct . A list of common deductible business expenses follows. . the category of expenses covered (i.e. 'graphic artist', 'computer consultant', etc. ) .

common tax deductions for graphic designers

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4 Tax Deductions for Self-Employed Freelancers & Small Business ...

Learn more about these important tax deductions for the self-employed and pay less . However, it might raise some eyebrows if a graphic designer put a bathtub on the . Expenses common to most businesses include office supplies, paper, .

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Graphic design IRS tax tips avoid audit tax deductions for graphic ...

Graphic designers - Avoid that IRS tax audit article. . have it in for independents, but the numerous deductions that we file set us apart from other taxpayers.

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4 Tax Deductions for Self-Employed Freelancers and Small Busines ...

Fortunately, most of them will be tax deductible. . it would raise some eyebrows if a graphic designer put a bathtub on the company credit card. . Below are four common types of tax deductions that the self-employed, small business owner or  .

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Tax tip: Are You Deducting Enough? - Creative Freelancer Blog

Mar 5, 2012 . Q: What are the most important write offs for a freelancer? . This entry was posted in All Posts, Freelance Graphic & Web Design, Freelance .

Your Taxes: If You're a Freelancer - LearnVest

Feb 16, 2012 . You don't want to miss out on deductions related to business expenses, . If you' re a freelance graphic designer or writer, you have a pretty simple business and can . (But watch out, this is a common audit trigger–see below.) .

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Top Ten Odd Ball Tax Deductions -

Top Ten Odd Ball Tax Deductions. . As you've worked on your return, trying to come up with extra deductions to pump up your . Become a Graphic Designer

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10 Tax Deductions Freelancers Can Make - Freelance Switch

Feb 3, 2009 . Helps make tax season that much less stressful! . Great article, thanks I was always wondering how many things I could write off for taxes. . Such a common misconception. . What designer has never been asked to donate a poster for an event or some other design to a local charity? . Anything Graphic.

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101 Tax deductions for bloggers and freelancers | Wise Bread

Feb 22, 2009 . Business logos and graphic design fees; Business cards, letterhead and other . Otherwise it's just a hobby and not a business tax deduction.

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Business Expenses and Deductions for Freelance Design ...

If most of us had to pay taxes on the full amount of our income, we might have very . Expenses common to freelance design businesses that may be deductible  .

10 Creative (But Legal) Tax Deductions - How Stuff Works

Tax time means it's time to see what you can write off to lower your tax bill. . Most Popular; Most Watched . People get into trouble when their bedroom doubles as their graphic design studio, or they work from home a couple days a week .

Remind Nonprofit Volunteers About Tax Deductions for Expenses ...

Your nonprofit volunteers can deduct certain volunteer expenses on their tax . Even a highly skilled volunteer, such as a graphic designer or lawyer, can't .

9 Tax Saving Tips For Graphic Designers And Visual Artists ...

9 Tax Saving Tips For Graphic Designers And Visual Artists . If you freelance at someone else's studio you can still deduct costs for the area of your home used exclusively and regularly for your . So many great common-sense features.

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12 Tax Deductions Freelancers Should Be Claiming - Paymo

Sep 21, 2011 . Of course, allowable tax deductions vary wildly from country to country. . No, that scuba diving magazine won't fly if you're a web designer who . and their more common cousins, the coffee shop meeting — are deductible.

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