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I need to support SQL server 2000 as well as 2005 ,also other Database like oracle , Db2 and sybase. Apart from Common Table Expression .

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Recursive Queries with Common Table Expressions - The Database ...

Nov 6, 2010 . Common Table Expressions appeared in SQL Server 2005, and in . by various RDBMS such as DB2, HSQLDB, Oracle, SQL Server, Sybase.

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How to create a recursive path from sybase-ase db? - Stack Overflow

Edit: this is only supported by Sybase SQL Anywhere, not by the . to the manual, Sybase supports recursive common table expressions.

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Common Table Expression - Newsgroups - Sybase

Hi, I am relatively new to Sybase so apologies if this is in the wrong place. I was attempting to use the 'with recursive' statement but came .

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Migrating SQL Query from Oracle to SQL Server 2008 or Sybase

May 9, 2013 . On other hand SQL Engine for SQL Server and Sybase are very much . derived tables, sub queries, and common table expressions, unless .

Tips for Using Common Table Expressions —

Oct 29, 2010 . Greg Larsen explores using multiple Common Table Expressions (CTEs), the MAXRECUSION option, how to use a CTE within a cursor, and .

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Using CTE to remove duplicate records | Ms SQL Girl

Jul 8, 2011 . In this post, I'd like to show a way of deleitng duplicate records using CTE. I think knowing as many options and their good/bad points could .

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Requêtes récursives avec les CTE - SQLPro -

Une expression de table commune (CTE : Common Table Expression) . En un sens, la CTE est une vue exprimée spécialement pour une requête et son usage  .

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Guide to Migrating from Sybase ASA to SQL Server 2012 - Microsoft

statement in Sybase ASA. SQL Server does not allow an INSERT statement before the definition of the common table expression. Sybase ASA example:.

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Combining two different CTE - Database Journal Forums

Jun 16, 2011 . Home · Forum · Database Discussions · Microsoft SQL Server 2008; Combining two different CTE . Thread: Combining two different CTE .

sql - How to simulate GREATEST() in Sybase ASE? - Stack Overflow

I think this is more how I'd like to be able do things (although, Sybase ASE does not support common table expressions): WITH my_table AS .

Sybase ASA Versions Evolution

The WITH clause allows specifying common table expressions. . Products such as Sybase Application Server and Microsoft Transaction Server can use DTC .

How to traverse a tree in SQL? Sybase edition - Database ...

Some DBMSs have CTEs which can use Recursion, so the looping is inherent in the CTE. For Sybase, you'll probably have to throw a loop in .

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What is CTE in SQL - C# Corner

Jun 6, 2012 . CTE is an abbreviation Common Table Expression. . Which Query language is used in Sybase? a) APT-SQL b) PL-SQL c) T-SQL d) Gupta- .

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