Factorial using CTE in PostgreSQL | Pasha Golub's Blog

Feb 1, 2012 . Well my opponent is sure that SQL (Postgres dialect either) is not Turing Complete. But I know for sure that if SQL supports CTE it is Turing .

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CTEReadme - PostgreSQL wiki

Feb 4, 2010 . From PostgreSQL wiki. Jump to: navigation . The use case for CTE is similar to VIEW but it is more handy than VIEW. Unlike VIEW you do not .

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Thom's memory leak: Writable Common Table Expressions

Nov 7, 2011 . Note that writable common table expressions are only possible in PostgreSQL, and only from version 9.1 onwards. But because 9.1 has been .

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(so much drama in the CTE) - David Fetter's blog - PostgreSQL Planet

Jul 1, 2009 . By now, you've probably seen that PostgreSQL 8.4 can produce Mandelbrot sets like the one below, but what are Common Table Expressions .

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Programming the SQL Way with Common Table Expressions

----------+---------- internal | postgres c. | postgres sql. | postgres plpgsql | postgres. (4 rows). Programming the SQL Way, with Common Table Expressions 16 / 90 .

Bruce Momjian: Postgres Feature Presentations

It covers the use of nulls in relational databases, with a focus on Postgres behaviour. It covers . Programming the SQL Way with Common Table Expressions.

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common table expression - PostgreSql -> CTE + UPDATE + ...

Just interested, why below ( simplified ) example works this way. . I suspect it has something to do with this line in the docs -. The primary query .

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WITH Queries (Common Table Expressions) - PostgreSQL

The subqueries, which are often referred to as Common Table Expressions or CTE s, can be thought of as defining temporary tables that exist just for this query.

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9.1: WITH Queries (Common Table Expressions) - PostgreSQL

These statements, which are often referred to as Common Table Expressions or CTE s, can be thought of as defining temporary tables that exist just for one .

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UPSERT/MERGE using Writable CTE in PostgreSQL 9.1 | Database ...

Oct 26, 2011 . Now in PostgreSQL 9.1, user can implement this feature using Writable CTE. PostgreSQL 9.1, now has Writable CTE. WITH provides a way to .

Postgres Common Table Expression Super Example - jeff dwyer's blog

May 11, 2013 . Common table expressions are a PostgreSQL user's best friend. Let me show you them. The Example Problem: Let's take a look at how to build .

Common Table Expression in PostGreSQL - Stack Overflow

Firstly, you do not appear to have used name1 anywhere in your query, so I suspect you may not have understood WITH fully. However it looks like .

Hierarchical and recursive queries in SQL - Wikipedia, the free ...

Common table expressions are supported by DB2, Firebird, Microsoft SQL Server , Oracle (with recursion since 11g release 2), PostgreSQL (since 8.4), .

common table expression oracle 10g

PostgreSQL: parametrizing a recursive CTE | EXPLAIN EXTENDED

Dec 24, 2010 . We've started playing with PostgreSQL and recursive queries. Looking at example that does basic graph traversal from .

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