Getting Started with NHibernate: Part III - Alan Northam - ...

May 23, 2007 . When mapping objects to the database in NHibernate you can either use . 2005 (and Sql Express 2005) called Common Table Expressions.

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Jonathan George's Blog : Optimising an ASP.NET MVC web site ...

Oct 3, 2009 . NET MVC web site built using S#arp Architecture , NHibernate , the Spark view . For the uninitiated, a Common Table Expression (or CTE) is a .

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Deep Shah's Blog: Using NHibernate to fetch Hierarchical ...

Oct 7, 2012 . The CTE query to get all subordinates of a given employee would . In the next post we will look at how to integrate the CTE with NHibernate.

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A Programmer's Blog: Using Common Table Expressions to retrieve ...

Using Common Table Expressions to retrieve hierarchical data in NHibernate. Posted by Rohit Agarwal on 4/23/2011. Suppose that we have an hierarchical .

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Caching Common Table Expressions (CTE) queries in NHibernate

I have a table holding hierarchical data that I am querying for from my . I could do with seeing more detail for the error but I would say that you .

NHibernate | Daniel Wertheim

Oct 21, 2009 . Posts about NHibernate written by Daniel Wertheim. . This will let every entity share the same table (that's ok) and the same column for the .

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NHibernate Queries - Examples - Ayende @ Rahien

May 19, 2009 . Today was the first day of my NHibernate course, and I think that it might be . This is a pretty common example of changing the way that we .

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Comparing NHibernate and Entity Framework - InfoQ

Jun 11, 2012 . Architecturally, NHibernate is based on Java's Hibernate ORM. . truly leveraging SQL's advanced features such as common table expressions.

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Using Common Table Expressions for hierarchical data in NHibernate

NHibernate has no support for hierarchical queries. To get all descendents of a tree node, we have to do a recursive N+1 query. But by using Common Table .

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NHibernate's - Ken's blog

Oct 10, 2011 . NHibernate (and ActiveRecord's) show_sql in web application . some advanced T-SQL stuff (recursive set-based queries using CTE, and .

NHibernate - criteria to search hierarchical data efficiently - Stack ...

You'll have to use a CTE to do this. I can't think of a single SQL . NHibernate: Many to Many relationship not working · 0 · How to persist search .

NHibernate / News - SourceForge . id series in the same table, and share a common set of optimizers, which . Criterion.Expression.

sql server - nhibernate multicriteria CTE subquery - Stack Overflow

I currently have a MultiCriteria query, which filters the results based on . Well, if you're returning multiple result sets, using WITH won't help you .

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Deep Shah's Blog: Using NHibernate to fetch Hierarchical ...

Dec 23, 2012 . In the previous post we saw how we can make use of Common Table Expression (CTE) and NHibernate to fetch Hierarchical information with .

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