sql - CTE recursive query with linq mvc - Stack Overflow

My table for Category is something like : categoryId,cat_name,parentId . if you want to do this without having to write a function to recursively .

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SQL Server 'WITH' statement · Issue #119 · igor-tkachev/bltoolkit ...

Oct 4, 2012 . Since this is not possible using the regular Linq maybe you can add it to the . linq var recursion = ( from cte in ( from p in db.Products where p.

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Create Recursive Linq to Entities query? (Like recursive CTE)

I have a web application with simple tree structure of usergroups and . No you cannot create such recursive query in ESQL or in Linq-to-entities.

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linq - Recursive SQL CTE's and Custom Sort Ordering - Stack Overflow

Image you are creating a DB schema for a threaded discussion board. . I am sure that you will love this. I recently find out about Dense_Rank() .

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Use CTE (with clause) instead of derived tables in generated ...

Jan 7, 2013 . You can also take the opportunity to properly name the CTE to give an hint about which part of the linq expression result in the CTE generation.

LINQ to SQL Debug Visualizer - ScottGu's Blog

Jul 31, 2007 . OrderDetails.Count > 5. with index p.OrderDetail_Index. select p;. Also it will be nicer to know , how to implement , RANK, CTE , using LINQ .

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Common Table Expression (CTE) in linq-to-sql? - Stack Overflow

Is it possible to do common table expressions (CTE) (like shown . AFAIK, this isn 't supported by the object model. However, LINQ supports a .

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How to include recursion / table valued functions in LINQ To Entities ...

Jun 16, 2010 . How to include recursion / table valued functions in LINQ To Entities queries with . INNER JOIN GetEmployeeAndManagersCTE CTE ON CTE.

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How to optimize LINQ-to-SQL for recursive queries? - Stack Overflow

Is LINQ-to-SQL integrated with Common Table Expressions? I found Common Table Expression (CTE) in linq-to-sql? sql entity-framework .

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c# - Writing Recursive CTE using Entity Framework Fluent syntax or ...

Statement using the CTE SELECT * FROM cte_name. But before trying this I want to try the Linq. For this I have refering to this link where I have .

Converting sql statement that contains 'with' cte to linq - Stack Overflow

Hey, I have this piece of code here, been battling with it for hours. . There is no Linq to SQL equivalent that can do that (in an efficient manner).

Creating custom LINQ provider using LinqExtender - DotNetSlackers

Jan 7, 2008 . Mehfuz shows how to create a custom LINQ provider using the open . provides server side paging with CTE (Common Table Expression).

need help translating CTE query into linq (not ... - Stack Overflow

Not sure how easy this is to answer just by looking at a sample SQL . got this to work by breaking it into separate queries, as suggested by Gert .

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c# - Common Table Expression in EntityFramework - Stack Overflow

WITH cte AS ( SELECT * FROM StockGroups WHERE GroupParent ='Stationery' UNION ALL . Use more linq :P – Travis J Nov 23 '12 at 19:59 .

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