Recursive Trees with Firebird - YouTube

Dec 29, 2011 . Firebird meets NoSQL (Apache HBase) - A Case Studyby SQLFirebird 1,233 views · 5:35. Watch Later 08 07 Common Table Expressionsby .

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Recursive Queries with Common Table Expressions - The Database ...

Nov 6, 2010 . Common Table Expressions appeared in SQL Server 2005, and in . I have tried this on Firebird SQL, and it does not work, because firebird .

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PostgresQL 8.4: Common Table Expressions (CTE), performance ...

Jul 16, 2009 . When using recursive queries, PostgreSQL and Firebird use WITH RECURSIVE to denote a recursive CTE where as SQL Server and IBM DB2 .,-performance-improvement,-precalculated-functions-revisited.html

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How to avoid having long GROUP BY list when joining other tables ...

JOIN PROJECT p on ec.PROJ_ID = p.PROJ_ID With Firebird 2.1 and above you can also use CTE (Common Table Expressions): WITH EMP_COUNT(PROJ_ID .

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Firebird 2.1 adds support for Common Table Expressions - The H ...

Apr 22, 2008 . Firebird version 2.1 of the open source SQL database engine has been released with numerous new features. Firebird fans are enthusiastic .

firebird-support : Message: CTE recursive WITH error - Groups - Yahoo!

May 1, 2008 . firebird-support: Support for Users of Firebird Releases.

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Hierarchical and recursive queries in SQL - Wikipedia, the free ...

Common table expressions are supported by DB2, Firebird, Microsoft SQL Server , Oracle (with recursion since 11g release 2), PostgreSQL (since 8.4), .

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firebird - How to work around the "Recursive CTE member can refer ...

I'm trying to run a graph search to find all nodes accessible from a . Here is my solution that use global temporary table, I have limited recursion .

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Gerando uma lista hierarquica com CTEs - FireBase

18 mar. 2010 . Um dos recursos mais interessantes e ainda pouco explorados, introduzido no Firebird 2, são as CTEs (Common Table Expressions).

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PkLab - Firebird: Tree data mangement with recursive CTE

5 gen 2011 . This document shown how to use Firebird Recursive Common Table Expression to managing trees. Una Common Table Expression (CTE) è .

Firebird 2.1 Release Notes

18 March 2013 - Document v.0215_04 - for Firebird 2.1.5 with Security Update . (v.2.1) Standards-compliant common table expressions, which make dynamic  .

Time table - firebird conference

Firebird: Database per sysdba - base. Fabio Codebue, italian ADMIN-B 12. Firebird: Database for sysdba - web. Stefano Gusparo. italian ADMIN-C 12. CTE  .

SELECT - Firebird

Firebird 1.5 and up allow the use of aggregate functions from different contexts . Description: A common table expression or CTE can be described as a virtual .

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Firebird 2.1 What's New by Vladislav Khorsun (English) - SlideShare

Detailed presentation devoted to new features of Firebird 2.1 by Vladislav Khorsun, . COMMON TABLE EXPRESSIONS Rules of simple ( non recursive ) table .

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