Windows Recursive or hierarchical queries using EF Code First and ...

Dec 19, 2011. queries using EF Code First for a self-referencing table or entity. . a recursive common table expression (CTE) in Microsoft SQL Server or .

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LLBLGen Pro, Entity Framework 4.1, and the Repository Pattern ...

Sep 25, 2011 . EntityFramework.v4 (Proxy friendly POCO entities) preset (which is the . The CTE query to retrieve members of a principal for example looks .

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Working With Temporary Views Using Common Table Expression in ...

A Common Table Expression (CTE) does just that; it helps in the definition and . Microsoft developed the Common Table Expression for SQL Server 2005 .

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c# - Writing Recursive CTE using Entity Framework Fluent syntax or ...

I am new to this recursion in both SQL and Entity Framework (ADO. . AFAIK there is no support for recursive CTEs in LINQ nor in EF. The solution .

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Roadmap - Entity Framework - Documentation

Please visit the Entity Framework UserVoice site to provide feedback on our plans so that . I will also request supporting CTE's (Common Table Expressions ).

How to integrate a CTE query in Entity Framework 5 - Stack Overflow

I have an SQL query that I have written using CTE. Now, I am moving . You must create stored procedure for your SQL query (or use that query .

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Use CTE (with clause) instead of derived tables in generated ...

Jan 7, 2013 . SQL Generated code would be much more readeable if you would use common table expressions instead of derived table. Just choose the .

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From SQL Server to NuoDB: Common Table Expressions, Stored ...

Common Table Expressions (I have a table with a reference to itself . strong language integration with LINQ and the Entity Framework.

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Code Only – Further Enhancements - Entity Framework Design ...

Oct 12, 2009 . If you know the Entity Frameworks MSL files these correspond to: Type; OfType . This view is not updateable because of the CTE it contains.

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Troubleshooting Performance Problems in Entity Framework ...

For example, if you replace a poorly performing Entity Framework-generated SELECT statement with a stored procedure that uses a common table expression  .

c# - Common Table Expression in EntityFramework - Stack Overflow

I have this query in Sql Server which I need to consume in . You cannot use CTE recursion in Entity Framework. . EF does not support recursive .

TSQL Challenge 8: Using recursive CTE for a hierarchical relationship

Jun 5, 2009 . I started by creating a recursive CTE for the whole table like this: . Entity Framework: Creating a model using views instead of tables · LINQ: .

Hierarchies WITH Common Table Expressions - Simon Ince's Blog ...

Oct 17, 2007 . Storing hierarchical data in a database is a very common task, and SQL Server 2005 brings us Common Table Expressions (CTEs) – a very .

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c# - CTE Sql query support in Entity Framework <DefiningQuery ...

Can entity framework support SQL queries that use CTE . This post doesn't specify whether the CTE is recursive or non-recursive or not.

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